What to do when my tenant does not pay rent?

You issue a 72 hour notice for non- payment of rent

 if no payment is received. By the 4th day file for eviction even

 if the tenant promises to pay rent by a certain day

 still give them the notice. The notice is your 1st step

 and your recourse if they do not pay rent. Forms 

 attached to consider.

What if my tenant has an authorized roommate?

Do an inspection ASAP preferably when the tenant is home.

Inform them you need to access every room. Take a rental

application with you. It is your choice to allow additional

roommates. If you decide you don't want additional roommates

give notice to vacate the premises. Reinspection 15 days. Forms 

attached to consider.


Cascade Process Services was a life savor. I used their file preparation services. Sharrol was great in the mediation. She helped me peaceably remove some bad tenants while avoiding eviction and ruining the tenants lives. 

Leslie T.

I love doing business with you quick turnaround, thank you,

Mark G. 

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